Hey Japanese CopyNazis: Up Yours And In Your Face!

YouTube takes down popular Smosh Pokemon video

News: YouTube has removed Smosh’s mega-popular “Pokemon” video after receiving a copyright DMCA notice from Shogakukan Production Co. Ltd. The Pokemon video was the 4th most watched video ever on YouTube, with over 24 million views. To my knowledge, this is the most popular video ever removed by YouTube under a DMCA notice.

As the blog notes, it’s still available on Veoh.

Go see it. That’s a DMCA violation? Well fuck the DMCA!

Later today I will publish an entry that shows why the Japanese Copynazis are hypocritical bastards who don’t respect American Copyrights. So fuck them! Go see that video. Download it! Pass it around. Stick it to the bastards.

Personally, I’m aghast that that video was so popular. It’s just stupid shit!

Update: Bloody hell. I can’t locate my source material for the promised other post. It will have to wait until I find it. Which could be a bloody long time. It’s packed away and I have no idea where right now. I really thought I had it at hand. Fuck.


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