Scalzi Is An Expensive Tart!

June 17, 2007

He was willing to settle for $250.00 to have his ass dragged to the Creation Museum.

The total raised was over five thousand dollars!

Hmmm… how much bail money will we have to raise? Hee-hee!

And now that I think of it, I think that money raised should mean that he has to go to the Museum at least twenty times!

We have to keep his price in line! Think of the effect on the Consumer Price Index. Think of … sniff! … the children!

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YouTube: Gerry Anderson’s Stingray

June 17, 2007

STINGRAY Supermarionation “Treasure Down Below” 1965 Part 1
STINGRAY Supermarionation “Treasure Down Below” 1965 Part 2
STINGRAY Supermarionation “Treasure Down Below” 1965 Part 3

Update: As of July 7, 2007, these videos have been removed by the user.

Aired March 14th 1965
Stingray (1964 — 1965) is a children’s marionette television show, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and produced by AP Films for ATV and ITC Entertainment. Its 39 half-hour episodes were originally screened on ITV in the UK and syndication in the US. The scriptwriters included Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, Alan Fennell (who went on to write Thunderbirds), and Dennis Spooner. Barry Gray composed the music, and Derek Meddings was the special effects director.

Stingray was the first Supermarionation show to be filmed in colour, and also the first in which marionettes had interchangeable heads with different facial expressions. It was also the first British television programme to be filmed entirely in colour (the earlier The Adventures of Sir Lancelot having only been made in colour from halfway through its run). At the time the US networks were gearing up for full-time colour broadcasting, although Independent Television in Britain did not begin colour transmission until November 1969.

Supercar had featured a vehicle that could travel on land, sea and air, and Fireball XL5 featured a spaceship. The next logical step was a series about a submarine, which presented a number of technical challenges.

Scenes featuring model submarines or marionettes underwater were actually filmed on a dry set, with the camera looking through a narrow water tank containing air bubblers and fish of different sizes to simulate perspective, thereby creating a convincing illusion that the models or puppets were underwater. This was enhanced with lighting effects that gave the impression of shafts of light refracted through the surface of the sea.

Scenes on the ocean’s surface were filmed using a large tank filled with water and blue dye. To prevent the edges of the tank from showing it was deliberately overfilled so that the water would constantly spill over the edges and conceal them. These techniques proved so successful that they were also used for underwater scenes in Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.

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VIA Touts Nanobook By Citing The Beat Gen Writers

June 17, 2007

VIA NanoBeat — YouTube video

I take a dim view of companies other than Apple trying to piggyback on writers.

Seriously, this could be a good gadget to have. Not pocketable, but probably preferable to the Flopeo Palm Foleo.

–linkswipe via UMPC Portal

Oh My God This Is So Incredibly Surprising And Totally Unexpected: Sony To Close Connect Music And Video Services!!

June 17, 2007

Sony Connect To Close Music/Video Services; Focus on Servicing Playstation Group; 20 People To Go

The Sony Connect experiment is about get, well, disconnected: it will be winding down its music and video services in the next couple of months, and focus on servicing the Playstation group on the technical needs, has learned and confirmed. In an all-hands meeting yesterday in Sony’s offices, employees were told that about 20-plus jobs are being phased out during this winding-down phase as a result of this closure. The eBooks division will remain however, as it will be servicing Sony Reader product.

Well, duh!

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Win, Plaintiffs, Win!

June 17, 2007

U.S. Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity

It bills itself as the world’s “most prestigious college discussion board,” giving a glimpse into law school admissions policies, post-graduate social networking and the hiring practices of major law firms.

But the AudoAdmit site, widely used by law students for information on schools and firms, is also known as a venue for racist and sexist remarks and career-damaging rumors.

Now it’s at the heart of a defamation lawsuit that legal experts say could test the anonymity of the Internet.

I hope the plaintiffs win. One specific site had better hope the plaintiffs lose. That’s all I’ll say.

YouTube: Coronet Blue Theme Back Up!

June 17, 2007

The theme visual is back up on YouTube.

We’ll see how bloody long that lasts this time!

It has a timecode, but go grab it before it’s gone again!

Download Helper is your best friend!

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The Secret: Another Bit Of The Real Secret

June 17, 2007

Developing Self-Reliance: Personal Empowerment Lessons from 1951

Recently I wrote how I’ve been able to live a more fulfilling life by saying “yes” to opportunities and experiences instead of being afraid of them. Another way to look at this is that I’ve developed self-reliance — I’ve learned to take responsibility for my own happiness instead of being passive, leaving my happiness in the hands of others.

He links to a YouTube vid there.

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YouTube: Utopia, Latest Doctor Who Is Up

June 17, 2007

DWs03ep39p1 — it looks a bit fractured.

Another source, not complete yet as I type this, is DWS2EP26Part1. [Update: Gone as of June 25, 2007.]

In both cases, click on More From This User to get all pieces.

Derek Jacobi is the guest star!

P2P is dead! Long live YouTube!

Damn the DMCA!

Thank You Again, Ken Bruen!

June 17, 2007

He’s mentioned David Goodis in interviews and in his novels.

Hammering, hammering, hammering; but what did I know. Goodis couldn’t be that good; he had to be that good; who could really be that good; but if BruenBruen! — said he was good, he had to be good, didn’t he…

All right, enough of my little Goodis pastiche there.

I just finished reading Dark Passage (it was also a BogartBacall film that I don’t recall seeing; I probably did, just don’t recall it).

My God! Not only does Goodis write true human beings, not only does he understand human beings, he knows how to glide a knife into a reader’s head and then twist twist twist it. By the end of Dark Passage, I was wrung out!

Goodis did things I’ve never seen any other writer do. Not only is that exciting, it’s the mark of a real writer — a great writer.

I’ve got, thank God!, three other books of his from the NYPL. I hope to get through one of them today and the rest one a day.

Looking for something great to read? Goodis, Goodis, Goodis!

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