But Before I Go… A Mash Note

June 19, 2007

God Almighty, I love love love her words. She is so talented, it’s just spooky.

Just one sample.

These days just slip by. Like they’ve got somewhere to go. Like they’re going to be late to whatever function they’re rushing by so casually for. So uniform. So unceasing. Take a breath and think about that for a minute. It just goes… To this place called the past. Some people are so fond of it. Others can’t bear the sight of it. Must be a hell of a place if every day waits so long, single-file forever to get there.

And another thing: Why doesn’t anybody have time, anyway? That’s the only thing guaranteed you’ll have. Ever. And sometimes not even that.

Now go read her. And bookmark her. And have your breath taken away. Again and again.

Offline For Today

June 19, 2007

Short session at the PeeCee today.

Got stuff to do.

Mind the sign, dammit.

LifeDrive Notes: iPhoney, Web Browsers

June 19, 2007

If all you’re doing is checking into my LifeDrive posts, you’ve missed the post about iPhoney.

I’ve got the Universe browser on the LifeDrive.

Today I added the Opera Mini 4 Beta. Which also requires installing the IBM WebSphere Java Virtual Machine.

That makes three browsers on the LifeDrive now.

I wish I could use one!

I tried Universe at the Winter Garden, but it didn’t work. It couldn’t get the Certificate screen up.

I’ve been in Bryant Park twice now. It seems the free WiFi there is down.

Maybe I’ll stop in the Apple Store SoHo to try their free WiFi — and then to drive everyone into a frenzy with iPhoney!

YouTube: Goodfellas

June 19, 2007

Oh you know the scene. You know you want it too!

GoodFellas Full “Funny Guy” Scene

My Phony iPhone

June 19, 2007

I asked a question here. But never got around to trying it myself until someone dared email me(!) to ask about installing it.

So I tried it.

Looks real slick on my LifeDrive, even if it’s just 320×320 (the author was intimidated out of distributing a 320×480 version — but if there is one out there, email me!).

Also tells me that for my eyes, the real iPhone would be a bitch to use.

So I most likely won’t be missing much by boycotting it.

Yeah, right… AT&T, you bastards!

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