Having Any Cardiac Surgery? A Heart Bypass? Better Know This!

A new fear for heart patients
A study by an Island institute reveals more are emerging from surgery with diabetes

About 18 months ago, the Heart Institute began monitoring patients’ blood-sugar levels after surgery. Since then, doctors have found that 70 percent of all patients at the Heart Institute require insulin injections to combat high blood-sugar levels in the weeks after their operation.

A little more than half of those patients were diagnosed diabetics; the rest tested positive for high blood-sugar levels after surgery, meaning they either had a previously undiagnosed case of diabetes, were in a pre-diabetic state or had impaired glucose tolerance.

“Not all of them are true diabetics, but under the stress of surgery, many of them clearly have elevated blood-sugar levels,” said Dr. Mark Jarrett, chief medical officer of Staten Island University Hospital.

Dr. Arsura said RUMC began closely tracking the blood-glucose levels of intensive care and coronary patients in the past six months.

Margie Cranston, a registered nurse and diabetes educator with the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, called the high rate of heart surgery patients at risk of diabetes “astounding.”

“That kind of goes to the health crisis that diabetes is,” she said.

So far, the Heart Institute’s effort has substantially reduced the rate of post-surgery complications among patients, said Cam O’Reilly, a certified diabetes educator and member of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York.

“We’ve worked closely with Dr. McGinn and the cardiac tower for four years now because we had concerns, as they did, that patients were coming out without insulin,” she said. “There’s a hard push nationally to make sure this is happening.”

That is very, very weird. I wonder if it happens after any major procedure?

And, hmmmm, what about dental procedures?

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