Ken Bruen To Get First David Goodis Award!

Author Ken Bruen will be presented with the first ever David L. Goodis award at NoirCon to be held April 3-6, 2008 in Philadelphia, PA.

Earlier this year, a gathering for Goodis fans was held, called GoodisCon. A delightful article about it — with several links to other coverage — can be read here.

Check out the photo: Robert Polito visits the room on North 11th Street where David Goodis did his writing. Photo by Louis Boxer. Christ, I’ve been in rooms like that. It’s a miracle Goodis was even able to sleep in it, never mind write.

In addition to all this, a documentary about Goodis is also in the works.

It’s too damned bad honors like these come too late for the admired writer himself to enjoy. Still, it’s good to see any recognition. I hope it will lead to all of Goodis’s work coming back into print — to thrill the hell out of readers and to inspire other writers.

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