LifeDrive Notes: More WiFi Unfun

I went to both the Winter Garden and the Apple Store SoHo yesterday to test out LifeDrive WiFi again.

Another disaster.

No connection was possible at the Winter Garden, even though WiFi was working. Universe couldn’t load the Certificate screen. Opera Mini 4 Beta wanted to go through this connection process that kept failing. User-friendly it was not. I also wound up with a bizarre Java error message I couldn’t decipher.

At the Apple Store Soho, some limited joy. Universe was able to connect. I went to this blog. How pathetic! Even though I had Load Images checked, anything that was an image appeared as an X! When I went to this Junkiness link, I got nada! Oh, wait, I did get one thing: a freakin crash! The screen again went dark. That means the LifeDrive had a cardiac arrest that made it turn off! When I turned it on, I was again presented with the Erase screen. I rebooted and switched to Blazer. Within a minute I got a similar crash! Rebooting, I tried Opera Mini 4 Beta — and it again wanted to play with itself by going through this bizarre setup process. Which ended with another cryptic Java error message.

I also tried to download the last version of Opera Mini that was specifically for the LifeDrive. Since it was available as a .PRC file, I wanted to download it directly onto the LifeDrive to use. Get this: Blazer kept reporting I had about only 32K free! This despite having about thirty-four megs of free RAM in the LifeDrive, over a gigabyte of free space in the LifeDrive partition, and over a hundred and sixty megabytes free on the SD card!

If that’s the way Blazer has been “working” all along, I’m shocked that no one has hit Palm with a class action suit for not delivering a product that works as advertised. And where are the states attorneys general to protect the public? (Any such suit wouldn’t benefit me, by the way, since I bought my LifeDrive off ebay. I’d only see a benefit if Palm was forced to issue a version of Blazer that actually worked!)

I’ll put that last version of Opera Mini on the LifeDrive and it give WiFi one more shot.

One thing I have discovered from having the LifeDrive: even close to 4GBs of storage is a hell of a lot of storage! I got close to filling the LifeDrive partition at one point — but only because I had the extended version of the movie Dune on it. I took it off after a few days when it dawned on me it’d be rare for me to have close to the four hours needed to watch the entire thing!

And the iPhone has double the storage capacity!

Ah, iPhone… I hate you death, AT&T!

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