What I Demand To Know: WHICH Internet?!!?

NBC Tells FCC To Fight Traffic In Stolen Digital Goods

In comments on the FCC’s inquiry into broadband access, NBCU suggested that the government was “stand[ing] by mutely” while the Internet was being “hijacked” by bandwidth hogs illegally distributing digital content over peer-to-peer networks, saying P2P traffic accounted for 60%-70% of all Internet traffic, with 90% of that P2P traffic in violation of copyright laws.

Goddammit, keep making me mad, you fucking Suited Shits.

Which fucking Internet are you talking about?!!?

Is that a global statistic you’re citing? You think the Internet starts and stops within U.S. borders?

Stop shoving this bullshit statistic in people’s faces. For that’s what it is: BULLSHIT!

The rest of the world has better and faster Internet connections than the United States. We’re a goddammed less-than-Third World nation in broadband connectivity. Broadband connectivity sold by your fellow Fucking Suits, NBCU!

You think with that shitty rate of transmission and reception that P2P is as big here in America as it is outside its borders?

I’ve just about stopped using P2P. Most of my downloading these days comes from YouTube.

And with the shitty speeds I’ve been getting from Time Warner’s Roadrunner anti-service, there are times when I can’t even get YouTube videos to load for on-screen viewing!

Keep trying to bullshit us, Suits. The ropes you will eventually hang from will be of your own making — and damn well deserved!

I’m goddammed glad electrons aren’t something that are taken out of the earth. They’d be bullshitting us with talk of an “electron shortage” as a way of increasing their broadband prices — while reducing speeds even further!

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