Writer Barry Eisler: Rain’s Man

Writer Barry Eisler did a reading and signing at Partners & Crime bookstore in NYC last night.

I went and took a bunch of pics. None of which I can post until I pay for more image storage space! (My YahooMail just went to unlimited storage. I wish WordPress image storage would mimic that!)

Eisler is the guy behind a series of novels starring a half-Japanese half-Caucasian former government agent and assassin named John Rain. I read the first when it came out, but the rest are in my Endless Queue To Read (sorry, Barry!).

But don’t let my disability stop you. Go get his Rain series.

One point that should satisfy readers who crave verisimilitude is that Eisler himself is a former employee of our very own CIA (no, not during the run-up to the current mid-east debacle!). His takes: “You don’t want all the government that you pay for!” and “Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Plus, and it’s such a sacrifice for him!, he has actually been to all the exotic locales mentioned in his books. And he speaks Japanese (Gambatte, Eisler-san!) and lived there for three years.

Barry is a hugely funny guy. He’s a fellow connoisseur of the defunct Loompanics library. Unlike my mild attempts at quasi-illegal literature (fake ID!) — he went, uh, whole hog and got one volume called Contingency Cannibalism! He floored me — and the SRO audience — by being able to recite the catalog’s promo copy! (“What if I like it?”)

If Barry contacts me, I’ll be giving him copies of the photos I can’t yet run. Maybe they’ll show up on his site or his MySpace page. Stay tuned.

Now go get his books!

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