You Mark These Words: YouTube Traffic Will Surpass P2P Traffic

YouTube taking over the UK … and the Internet

YouTube now comprises 10% of all Internet bandwidth consumption.

No, I am not kidding. And it will happen in less than three years from now. Possibly as little as two years.

Let me spell it out for you.

Do you want a hot song? You’ll find it on YouTube, not P2P!

Someone will grab some crap video footage and make a crap music video with that song. Then upload it to YouTube. There are programs — free programs — that can strip out the audio track and save it as a distinct MP3 file. You’ve now got a free song without having to go through the bandwidth-throttling bullshit of P2P.

That’s right, Universal Music Group! All those music videos you’ve officially posted on YouTube? Hey, thanks for all the free songs, you morons! Now stop crying about piracy and lost revenues. You’re the biggest pirate of your own artists now.

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