Girls Don’t Cry At The Vintage Lounge, Levittown, NY Friday June 22, 2007 @ 10PM

June 21, 2007

All of you poor souls who live in suburbia, some rock culture is coming into your dreary existences!

The fantastic band Girls Don’t Cry will be appearing at The Vintage Lounge in Levittown, NY this Friday — tomorrow! — at 10PM.

Click on that link to go to their MySpace page to sample some of their great songs.

Then get to their show!

Vintage Lounge
58 Gardiners Ave
Levittown, NY 11756
Phone: 516-735-6827

Get a gander at the place — as well as directions and a map — at the AOL CityGuide.

The Advice I Was Given Last Night At An AT&T Store

June 21, 2007

“Bring lots of money.”

I went in to inquire about the iPhone.

Did they know what sort of call plan it would have and how much it would cost? No.

Have they had a lot of inquiries about it? No. (She was pulling my leg; admitted it!)

Do they send a bill to your home or require billing to plastic? Bill to home is OK.

Do you have to undergo a credit check? Oh yeah!

Is there any chance in hell with my credit rating below that of several collectivist South American countries — hell, worse than Nigeria! — of getting an iPhone? Er, no. Have you considered prayer?

Why do you now intend to spy on all Internet traffic? Because we’re now Ma Bell again. And you know what a ma Ma is!

OK, I made up that last one.

I should have pulled out my LifeDrive to show off iPhoney. But I think they just would have laughed.

Yes, my resolve is weakening.

Can you blame me?

Reference: Breitbart Now Does Video

June 21, 2007

Breitbart TV

Learn To Love The Subtitle. I Did.

June 21, 2007

Perspective: America’s tech moment of truth

Pop culture has gone global. Except for a few weird exceptions, like ABBA and that Turkish guy who played ping-pong, cheesy pop culture has been a monopoly of the English-speaking peoples. Not anymore.

Anime dominates cartoons. In China, more than 200 companies have taken the YouTube model and outdone it. Google is losing to Baidu there. That golden opportunity to expand into emerging markets has already vanished.

I grew up hating subtitles. I could barely take full-screen title cards in silent movies! But I learned to love them. You should too.

Or you will have no place in the future.

Whoa! That Was Fast!

June 21, 2007

Just yesterday, I wrote You Mark These Words: YouTube Traffic Will Surpass P2P Traffic

And now today, it has come true:

HTTP Traffic Overtakes P2P, Courtesy of YouTube
A recent study shows that YouTube is responsible for nearly 10% of all Internet traffic. As a result of the increased popularity of YouTube and other video streaming sites, HTTP traffic now generates more traffic than P2P, for the first time since 2002.

The data gathered by Ellacoya, a company that offers broadband service optimization solutions for IP networks, shows that 46% of all Internet traffic is generated by HTTP traffic, compared to 37% by P2P.

In comparison, two years ago, 65% of all the data sent over the Internet was P2P related. However, that soon changed after the big boom of video streaming services. Unfortunately there is no data on the total growth of Internet traffic, but it is likely that P2P traffic is still growing, only not relative to HTTP traffic.

I trust TorrentFreak to have the correct data. Unlike those filthy crooked bastards of NBC Universal.

YouTube: The Thin Man

June 21, 2007

Who doesn’t love Nick and Nora Charles? What man doesn’t wish to be as debonair as William Powell? What woman doesn’t look at Myrna Loy and feel anguish because she can never reach that pinnacle of womanhood?

The Thin Man Trailer (Powell, Loy)

mystery comedy thriller. 1934.

The “Thin Man” witty lines

A mix of some funny scenes and lines from “The Thin Man” movie series with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

Excerpts from “The Thin Man”, “The Shadow of the Thin Man” and “After the Thin Man”.

The Thin Man

The Thin Man

Nick + Nora = Perfect.

A tribute to the great Nick and Nora Charles! All clips are from the Thin Man films, EXCEPT for the very first one, which also happens to be the worst quality (but i thought it was funny i couldn’t help sticking it in).

Disclaimer: I do not own “The Thin Man.”

Song: “Love” by Nat King Cole =)


Tribute to Miss Myrna Loy. The “Perfect Wife” of the 30’s and 40’s.

Better Together

Myrna Loy and William Powell, the greatest classic movie duo. They starred in fourteen films together between 1934 and 1947(thirteen are in this video).

William Powell and Myrna Loy in Love Crazy

From 1941.

Singing Dancing Myrna Loy, 1930

Myrna Loy, singing, dancing, strutting, paying her dues to become a big Hollywood star. Also in the film: Loretta Young, Conway Tearle, David Manner and J. Farrell MacDonald. “Playin’ Around” and “Daddy, I Have To Have You” are performed by Miss Loy. Please advise if you know who the voice dubber is.

Myrna Loy Documentary – Part 1 of 6

Who doesn’t love Myrna Loy??? This documentary runs from her early beginnings as an extra in silents along with her lifelong friend Joan Crawford, to her role in Noah’s Ark with Dolores Costello, rediscovered early technicolor film of her in a Chinese Fantasy dance scene, throughout her long and distinguished career in such famous films as Manhattan Melodrama, The Great Ziegfeld, The Thin Man Series, The Best Years Of Our Lives, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Belles On Their Toes, to her next to last performance in the TV movie Summer Solstice with Henry Fonda. Also highlighted is her work with the Red Cross during WWII, with UNESCO, with political causes, her stage career late in life, and the high honors she received for her lifetime work. Thanks to Steve Pyong for this wonderful documentary!

Click on More from this user for the other parts.

William Powell Documentary – Part 1 of 4

Witty, sophisticated, sexy, debonair… how I love William Powell! This documentary takes us through his full illustrious career from his beginnings as a student of the theatre to his gracious retirement from the screen. One or two film clips in this first part are in less than stellar condition due to age. Thanks to Steve Pyong for this wonderful documentary.

Click on More from this user for the other parts.

How I love YouTube!!

Quote Of The Day

June 21, 2007

alli: Miracle diet pill with teeny-tiny side effect

Oh. My. Fucking. God. They are so sure you are going to shit your pants they are saying you should accept the inevitable. There is no way to avoid this. So wear dark pants to hide the liquid shit stains. And bring a change of clothes. Because your first set are going to get impregnated with liquid shit.

Oh if only I could witness this in public!

You would never believe the walking fat mammoths I encounter every every every day. I keep wondering how the hell anyone could become that massive. Hell, how can you even sit without deforming your groin area? Can these people even have sex? (Horrifyingly, I see some with children! Why are these wads allowed to reproduce? Only a man who is totally fucking insane would want to stick his dick into one of them. Great: We can look forward to a future of waddling serial killers!)

But life is too often cruel to me. It’ll be supermodels who’ll dig this drug. Those gorgeous neurotics who think looking like a victim of a mass starvation is the chic thing. I don’t want to see some slinky woman leaving an oily trail behind her (although…. hmmmm, if I carry a roll of toilet paper, maybe that’ll be a great way to get a future date! But then, why would I want a woman who has to wear a Depend diaper while in her twenties?!!?).

On the other hand, this does open the door for some cruelty. When you see some walking whale struggling to get to a restroom, remember these magic words: “Oh, it’s out of order.”

It’s your chance to get back at them for all the times they tried to squeeze their yard-wide asses into that one-foot-wide seat next to you on the bus or subway!