The Advice I Was Given Last Night At An AT&T Store

“Bring lots of money.”

I went in to inquire about the iPhone.

Did they know what sort of call plan it would have and how much it would cost? No.

Have they had a lot of inquiries about it? No. (She was pulling my leg; admitted it!)

Do they send a bill to your home or require billing to plastic? Bill to home is OK.

Do you have to undergo a credit check? Oh yeah!

Is there any chance in hell with my credit rating below that of several collectivist South American countries — hell, worse than Nigeria! — of getting an iPhone? Er, no. Have you considered prayer?

Why do you now intend to spy on all Internet traffic? Because we’re now Ma Bell again. And you know what a ma Ma is!

OK, I made up that last one.

I should have pulled out my LifeDrive to show off iPhoney. But I think they just would have laughed.

Yes, my resolve is weakening.

Can you blame me?

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