Bah! Eejit Calls For A Fake iPhone Boycott!

Opinion: Stick it to the Man or We Get No Respect

I think it’s pretty arrogant of Apple and AT&T to introduce a new piece of hardware one day BEFORE the end of month and quarter and be betting the farm and their next bonuses on a great couple of sales days, while you and I might have to fork out US$74.99/month for an unlimited internet two-year contract (if a contract is required – “2 yr contract required” removed from advertising on June 7th). If that’s the price point, then it’s an additional US$1,800 commitment after purchasing the phone.

Right. Like the guy has actual principles. Or something.

You pathetic weasel.

–linkswipe via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs (who neglected to call me a douchebag blogger, even though I was the first to call for a boycott — and for a real reason too!)

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