Diet Pepsi Max

This morning I did my pilgrimage to the local supermarket to stock up on one ingredient of my brain life support: Diet Pepsi. And lo, there was the new Diet Pepsi Max!

Really, I’d expected it to get to Cleveland first. Or wherever the hell they first roll out these things to see if they’ll kill normal people after having run tests on prisoners.

I got two 12-ounce bottles.

I’ve drunk them both.

Aside from a wee bit of elevated heartbeat (something that would make my cardiologist cringe if I told him, so I damn well won’t!), I didn’t see any noticeable cognitive enhancement.

Plus, I wasn’t keen on the taste. I don’t know if it’s the Ginseng or that tumor-producing sweetener (eh, what’s this lump on my face? it wasn’t here when I woke up…), but the taste isn’t the same clean taste of regular Diet Pepsi. It reminded me a lot of that abomination, New Coke! (At Pepsi HQ, someone has just read this, printed it out, and is running through the carpeted corridors of power screaming, You see?! You see?!!!?)

I’ll stick with the real thing Diet Pepsi I know and am woefully addicted to (damn that woman over 20 years ago who got me hooked!).


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