One Week To iPhone!

Next Friday has already been called iDay.

But it will probably not be my day.

Even if I break down and become a traitor to my own principles and decide to get an iPhone — hell, if AT&T would let me get one! — I probably won’t be among those lining up next week.

I am cautious.

I’d rather wait a week and read the bajillion owner reports that will send the entire freakin Internet into overdrive within hours of its release.

I am especially interested to see owner reports from people who attempt to blog into WordPress with it. Will Safari on the iPhone steal blank lines as the Windows version does? That would make it worthless to me.

I also need to see if anyone can get it working with a Bluetooth keyboard. I couldn’t blog just tapping onto that screen with my fingers. Tap-tap-tapping on the Nokia 770 drove me mad. I don’t need a relapse!

One week to go… tick… tick… tick…

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