Someone Got To Fondle An iPhone!

Some lucky guy got some hands-on time with an iPhone in the wild:

Overall impression of my 5 minute trial… The Apple iPhone is a magical device that for the first time seemlessly blends art, architecture and electronics into a brilliantly designed… I don’t know what to call it. Calling it a phone is like defining Natalie Portman as a “Homo Sapien Female Humanoid” There is so much more to it than that.

But note this!

I pushed the Safari button and finger-text-input my own web site, which I know is pretty slow to load. I made two typo’s in the web address window, and asked Pat how to fix the typos. Pat showed me that if I pushed my finger on the web address window and held it down, a virtual round magnifying glass (bigger than the end of my finger) pops up on the screen above your finger with a black vertical cursor in the middle of the glass. As you move your finger left and right, the the magnifying glass and cursor smoothly move showing an exploded view of what is under your finger. Even though the text is small under your finger, it looks much bigger and easier to edit in the magnifying glass. When I moved my finger over the mistyped letter, I hit the backspace (lower right keyboard) and retyped the missed character. VERY COOL! I’ve never heard any word of this feature before either.

I have! From — wait for it! — Microsoft! That magnifying glass sounds very similar to something JK on the Run noted Microsoft was working on! There’s a link to a video there too!

Oh man, stop with these pre-release fondle reports already! I can’t stand this torment!! It can’t be that good! It can’t be!! (Yeah… it can, dammit!)

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