LifeDrive Notes: Final WiFi Unfun

Right. It’s time for me to give up thinking I can get any WiFi use out of the LifeDrive at all.

I finally got Opera to minimally come alive. Here is the torment I had to go through to accomplish that:

1) Launch Blazer

2) Get to the Bryant Park free WiFi TOS screen

3) Click I Accept

4) Quit Blazer

5) Launch Opera (the version for LifeDrive, not the new Beta)

6) Let it discover the method to go online (a stupid bloody process, if you ask me — and you should!)

7) It finds it!

8) Then, just before doing what it should — like, display a damned web page! — it pops up its EULA.

9) And then crashes the LifeDrive!

I went through these contortions twice. Twice is once too many! Opera on the LifeDrive is worse than on the Nokia 770!

Speaking of which…

…after going through all of the above, I wound up pulling out the 770 (god knows why I am still lugging it around) and getting online at Bryant Park with it.

Holy mackeral!

There was my blog — looking like my blog should look!

And… and… and… I wound up using the F word. No, you dope, not that F word. This one: Fast.

Yep: as apoplectically slow as I found the 770 to be in the past, when it’s compared to the LifeDrive it’s a speedy bugger.

But within five minutes of being online with the 770, I again managed to get it twisted into a self-referential RAM-clogged knot.

So it’s still The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man. No change there.

Sure, I can’t get any WiFi use out of the LifeDrive, but I can still use it for PIMs, for video, and — most importantly — for writing with a keyboard.

This entire blog entry was done on the LifeDrive. I wouldn’t have been able to do that on the 770.

So suck it, Nokia.

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