LifeDrive Notes: Palm Keyboard Vs. Human Brain

So there I am this morning away from home, wanting to do a bit of writing on the LifeDrive with the Palm Wireless (IR) Keyboard.

I open the keyboard. Plop in the LifeDrive.

Start typing. But no letters appear on the screen.


I fold the keyboard, open it again, try it again.

No go.

I open the battery compartment and switch the position of the batteries.

Still nothing.

I take out the damned batteries and put in a new pair (yes, I carry extras with me!).

Still nothing!

I reset the LifeDrive.

Nothing still!!

What is going on here?!!?

Veteran Palm users will already be laughing at my eejitcy. It was all so obvious.

I hadn’t turned on the keyboard driver!!!


So now I’m going to tape a little sign into the keyboard: Turn On The Driver, You Eejit!

A stupid machine will always humble even the smartest human being…

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