Hmmm… iPhone Line Waiters Wanted? I’m Up!

June 25, 2007

What am I bid for me to stand in line for your rich ass?

No, really!

If I’m not going to buy one myself (and it looks like I won’t, at least not on iDay!), I wouldn’t mind touching the freaking box it’s in — especially if you’re willing to pay.

I guarantee that once you have your iPhone in hand, no motherfucker is gonna take it from you (as long as, like, you know, you aren’t a total fucking dick and stand there waving it over your moussed head to taunt the hungry crowd!) — total safety from store exit to whatever car you have already arranged to peal your ass outta there to home and safety.

If you’ve read this blog, you know I’m a vicious bastard sometimes. And if someone messes with me especially on that day, they will permit me to vent some frustration that’s been lying around in psychic storage! I call that win-win for us both!

Cash only, and half the cash upfront once I start the wait. You pay the rest when you take the spot in line (or I’ll kick your ass outta the line to the highest bidder and you forfeit all monies already tendered!). I’m not gonna split on you, for Christ’s sake. I have a blog!

Plus, it’ll make a hell of a blog entry the next day (no, I won’t mention your damn name!).

Manhattan location only. You choose the location (but for fuck’s sake, don’t be a jerk: I won’t do the two Apple Stores!; pick an AT&T site).

Email me.

YouTube: Original SF, Synk-RoNyzed

June 25, 2007

Yes! This is the kind of stuff the Net was meant for! This is the (other) good of YouTube!

Synkronyzed – part1

An original scifi production of the low(or no) budget variety. Follows the crew of a cargo shuttle as they face corporate takeovers in the future.

Synkronyzed part 2

The crew of the Kricket head off on their overtime delivery to Mars. Unknown to them, a corporate takeover is in the works.

Synkronyzed Part 3

Following the takeover, the Kricket crew regroups on Mars, and plans for their return to Earth.

Synkronyzed Part 4

Back on Earth, the crew discovers the Synk-Corp management is not as customer friendly as they had hoped.

Synkronyzed Part 5 (epilogue)

The crew tries to figure out what comes next

Oh, the corporate broadcast in episode 3 is just hilarious!!

This has some damned nice effects. Script is a bit uneven, as is editing, acting, and directing — but, damn, it’s not crap and it held my interest! I’d really like to see much more of this.

The source of this is in doubt. The user I’m linking to has all 5 parts, but there’s another user that seems to be the production company. But that user has only 2 parts!

What I think is absolutely shocking is that when you combine the number of views from both users, it adds up to less than 600!

This should be seen by many, many more people.

Go be one of them!

Especially if you loved Firefly/Serenity and/or Blake’s 7.

Jaysus. No wikipedia entry and even Google comes up empty!

Blog Notes: YouTube Link Checking

June 25, 2007

I’ve spent most of the day verifying the YouTube links in this blog.

Many things have been removed by YouTube. Some notices state outright that the removals were due to a Copyright claim. Others offer a mysterious “violation of terms of service” reason. Some claim the user deleted them.

Many posts that had YouTube links now look ugly because I added the date the links were checked and found dead. Use Find to search for “June 25” and you’ll see some ugly posts!

What is very odd is that I’ve found some users who put up massive amounts of, uh, questionable material who have apparently deleted that material — yet their accounts are still active. They may have revised their inventories before YouTube sussed them out.

If the TV suits had any brains, they’d be cutting deals with YouTube (and/or other video sites) right and left to put their stuff on the Net as soon as possible. A 240×320 Flash video is no threat to DVD sales. In fact, many people would argue they are the best possible advertisements for DVD sets. Try before you buy. No one is going to be dumb enough to view a 240×320 video on a TV, for god’s sake. They look fugly!

And forget your dreams of squeezing money out of this stuff by selling it on cellphones. That’s just major freakin stupid. The iTunes Store is getting away with charging for TV episodes only because most people haven’t the patience to do P2P — or are still ignorant of how to find them on YouTube and other sites. They won’t be ignorant much longer.

Catch up to the 21st Century, Suits. Or H.264 higher-resolution encoding is going to come along and make all your inventories worthless — because the pirates will distribute all of it for free.

YouTube: T.H.E. CAT Intro

June 25, 2007


60s series starring Robert Loggia. I have the complete series from film prints. Half of the shows were filmed in black and white and the other half were color. T.H.E. stood for Tom Hewitt Edward.

Yet another great 1960s TV series never, ever repeated on broadcast TV (ie, syndication) or even cable. And, of course, never released to DVD.

You have to go look at it. Great jazz theme and jazzy animation. This is what made 1960s TV great.

Check out the user’s index for lots more lost goodies.

YouTube: Latest Doctor Who Is Gone, The Sound Of Drums

June 25, 2007

Hey, Auntie Beeb.

Yeah you, you bitch.

Less than 24 hours after they were put up, all instances of the latest episode of this weekend’s Doctor Who have been expunged from YouTube.

That make you feel better, you CopyNazi bitch?

But then, I was able to get my copy before you caught on.

So kiss my tits.

Besides, you’ll eventually have my pocket change for the DVD set.

So stop being greedy.

I’ll beat your ass to it next weekend too. So give it up.

Update: It’s back up.