Blog Notes: YouTube Link Checking

I’ve spent most of the day verifying the YouTube links in this blog.

Many things have been removed by YouTube. Some notices state outright that the removals were due to a Copyright claim. Others offer a mysterious “violation of terms of service” reason. Some claim the user deleted them.

Many posts that had YouTube links now look ugly because I added the date the links were checked and found dead. Use Find to search for “June 25” and you’ll see some ugly posts!

What is very odd is that I’ve found some users who put up massive amounts of, uh, questionable material who have apparently deleted that material — yet their accounts are still active. They may have revised their inventories before YouTube sussed them out.

If the TV suits had any brains, they’d be cutting deals with YouTube (and/or other video sites) right and left to put their stuff on the Net as soon as possible. A 240×320 Flash video is no threat to DVD sales. In fact, many people would argue they are the best possible advertisements for DVD sets. Try before you buy. No one is going to be dumb enough to view a 240×320 video on a TV, for god’s sake. They look fugly!

And forget your dreams of squeezing money out of this stuff by selling it on cellphones. That’s just major freakin stupid. The iTunes Store is getting away with charging for TV episodes only because most people haven’t the patience to do P2P — or are still ignorant of how to find them on YouTube and other sites. They won’t be ignorant much longer.

Catch up to the 21st Century, Suits. Or H.264 higher-resolution encoding is going to come along and make all your inventories worthless — because the pirates will distribute all of it for free.

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