YouTube: Original SF, Synk-RoNyzed

Yes! This is the kind of stuff the Net was meant for! This is the (other) good of YouTube!

Synkronyzed – part1

An original scifi production of the low(or no) budget variety. Follows the crew of a cargo shuttle as they face corporate takeovers in the future.

Synkronyzed part 2

The crew of the Kricket head off on their overtime delivery to Mars. Unknown to them, a corporate takeover is in the works.

Synkronyzed Part 3

Following the takeover, the Kricket crew regroups on Mars, and plans for their return to Earth.

Synkronyzed Part 4

Back on Earth, the crew discovers the Synk-Corp management is not as customer friendly as they had hoped.

Synkronyzed Part 5 (epilogue)

The crew tries to figure out what comes next

Oh, the corporate broadcast in episode 3 is just hilarious!!

This has some damned nice effects. Script is a bit uneven, as is editing, acting, and directing — but, damn, it’s not crap and it held my interest! I’d really like to see much more of this.

The source of this is in doubt. The user I’m linking to has all 5 parts, but there’s another user that seems to be the production company. But that user has only 2 parts!

What I think is absolutely shocking is that when you combine the number of views from both users, it adds up to less than 600!

This should be seen by many, many more people.

Go be one of them!

Especially if you loved Firefly/Serenity and/or Blake’s 7.

Jaysus. No wikipedia entry and even Google comes up empty!


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