The Secret: I Can’t Finish Reading It!

It’s just Too Fucking Stupid!!

What are you people, brain-dead? Have you no reading comprehension skills? Are you all closet Attention-Deficit Disorder cases? Can you not recall what you read from one page to the next?

Well I damn well can.

On page 22:

It really does take many negative thoughts and persistent negative thinking to bring something negative into your life.

Then on page 34:

We all have experienced those days or times when one thing after another goes wrong. The chain reaction began with one thought, whether you were aware of it or not. The one bad thought attracted more bad thoughts, the frequency locked in, and eventually something went wrong. Then as you reacted to that one thing going wrong, you attracted more things going wrong.

Which is it? “Many negative thoughts and persistent negative thinking” or “one thought”?

I got up to page 56, and that’s where I will stop. I like my brain too much to self-inflict this kind of damage upon it.

Don’t any of you see the con game that’s being perpetrated here? It starts in the friggin Introduction!

A year ago, my life had collapsed around me. I’d worked myself into exhaustion, my father died suddenly, and my relationships with my work colleagues and loved ones were in turmoil. Little did I know it at the time, out of my greatest despair was to come the greatest gift.

I’d been given a glimpse of a Great Secret — The Secret to life. The glimpse came in a hundred-year-old book, given to me by my daughter Hayley.

Have any of you stopped to ask: Wait a minute, what was the book she was given? And if that book helped her so dramatically, why am I being given this other book to read?

Because, stupid, if they had just re-issued The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles — the book Byrne had been gifted with — how would they have made any money off it? It’s in the public domain, it’s free to read all over the Internet, and it would have made Byrne and her compatriots look like they were starting a Wattles Cult instead of a Byrne Cult.

I see in the back of this abomination of a book that they do list Wattles. Also Charles Haanel. What I don’t quite understand is why Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale are never mentioned. Could it be those who handle their estates wanted no connection to this scam? It can’t be that Byrne, in her alleged “tracing The Secret back through history,” never stumbled across even the names of these two pioneers. I think Byrne’s group approached those two estates and were told to get lost.

And that’s what I’m telling this moron-bait book too: Get lost!

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