Warren Ellis Is Shocked, Shocked!


Someone might actually fucking buy this book.

What he doesn’t yet know:

1) It will sell like hell

2) For some people it will be the only book they have ever read in their lives

3) For some people it will be the only time they’ve stolen a book

4) The NYPL will have its copies stolen

5) Ellis will be condemned as if not a sign of, then the very manifestation of, The AntiChrist in the southern parts of the U.S. — and that loony place called Kansas

6) Let me do it: “Ellis has created a new genre — bodypunk.”

7) His right-now very nice and respectful publisher is gonna turn into the kind of shit it really is when suddenly it starts hammering his ass with that goddammed word: Sequel

8) Oprah will not be knocking on his door

9) Jerry Springer probably will be (“Let’s turn to bodypunk expert Warren Ellis for his opinion of Missy’s 375 piercings!”)

10) There is only one guy to do the movie: David Lynch

11) There will mysteriously be a bunch of books released within weeks of its debut, all revolving around the same topic, trying to cash in while creating a full-fledged genre

12) There is only one person to do the graphic novel adaptation: Warren Ellis.

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