YouTube: Some 1960s TV Greatness

Honey West (1965) opening titles

Before anyone outside of England had ever heard of Emma Peel, there was America’s own Honey West, who also vanquished criminals with swift kicks of her shapely legs — but rather than an amateur working for the State was the owner of her own successful detective business. Somebody please put this whole series out on DVD.

Honey West KO

Both of those have been encoded incorrectly as widescreen. Vertical squishing…

He & She opening credits (1967)

Opening credit sequence for comedy series He & She starring Paula Prentiss, Richard Benjamin, and Jack Cassidy. The missing link in TV evolution between “The Dick Van Dyke Show” and “Mary Tyler Moore.”

Encoded incorrectly as widescreen, the images are squished. Still good to see again. Another series not on DVD, dammit! One of The Greatest TV Series Ever.

wpix-chiller theater promos

Chiller Theatre

Of course now I can laugh at that last one, Chiller Theatre. But as a wee kid, those images and that music would scare the shit out of me and have me running in panic to hide under the bed!

Hey, I wasn’t even in grade school. Slack, you pig. Slack!

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