iPhone Owners: Please Do A Real Video

Do any of you realize you have to suffer through two minutes of cutesy crap in Pogue’s NY Times iPhone video before you get to information about it? And then when he shows it, it’s filled with cuts that skip documenting how long things take.

Here’s a YouTube version someone put up without the self-aggrandizing treacly crap.

When you get an iPhone, put up a YouTube video that shows the following without cutting away:

1) Loading a web page with EDGE service

2) Loading the same web page with WiFi (be sure to clear the cache!)

3) Show ebay use — you must have an account for this. The way most ebayers use it is to have their Watch List open, then a separate tab with Favorite Searches, then a tab with Search Results, then a tab with an individual search result open. Can this be done on the iPhone without everything getting clogged?

4) Try out the YouTube app on the same video using EDGE and then WiFi. It might be good to pick a video now. And email yourself the link. Then open that email on the iPhone itself and click on the link to see if that will launch the YouTube player.

5) The bloody Notes app. What can it actually do?

6) Attempt to pair with with a Bluetooth keyboard (Apple’s or not)

Those are my primary concerns. I will thank you. The world will thank you.

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