Oh, Look At The Pathetic Stalkers!

This is just so hugely funny. Apparently I’ve been the topic of discussion among a group of Nokia 770 Masturbation Boys who have been keeping files on me. The level of obsessive detail they think they have on my life is just so pathetically cute!

I mean, really, look at this:

An attention whore who somehow has convinced people that his opinion is worthwhile, even though he never buys any equipment, posts from internet cafes / apple store or (ironically) the device he describes a “the biggest piece of **** known to man” and whose biggest outlay is a $10 digital camera.

Just putting it on the record on the day he decided to remove a blog founded in his honour from his blogroll

Yes, in my honor (oh, is it a Brit stalker?) — and my name was then 1984-ishly removed when I started to tell the truth about The Biggest Piece Of Shit Known To Man. What has ever been named in your “honour,” Wanker Lad? I see your clever handle is ihmc — I Hate Mike Cane, is it? How much of a stalker flag is that?

I think they should all be hugged.

Around their fucking necks.

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