Some Ickhead Never Read This Blog Before

Sleights of Hand in the iPhone Movie…

There are some good observations, but I got tired reading it. Does he really have to repeat “Uh, don’t look!” a zillion times, or is he trying to hypnotize us or something.

Bloggers, please have mercy on us the readers for chrissakes.

Mercy?!! Mercy?!! From me?!

Gee, I guess I should apologize for sneaking up behind you and forcibly scraping your eyes across my text so that you couldn’t, you know, just skip the first few words in each paragraph?

I can just imagine this guy being exposed to poetry:

Hey, did you notice the last word in some of those lines sounded alike?

And by the way, people who pop in here once just to see a specific thing aren’t readers. They’re johns.

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