You See? It’s Not Just My Samsung Q1U Fondle!

UMPC News : Another UMPC killed by Vista.

Tech central have reviewed the Fujitsu UMPC and seem to be impressed with the little whipersnapper. There’s the usual shock at how tiny the device is and a genuine belief that the Fujitsu UMPC is a workable design. Apart from the fact that it runs Vista!

I wonder if vendors are starting to learn now that this is becoming a recurring theme. People get a UMPC, are impressed and then have to battle through the bloated, unoptimised disappointment of Vista. In almost every case, people are turning off Aero and having to start thinking about optimizations and its killing the customers first few minutes experience with the device. Can you imagine what the response to the iPhone would be if the software didn’t actually work out of the box. If you had to wait for an extended time for windows to open and if you had to start searching forums and asking questions to find out if your device was broken and why some other people are happy with the performance? People should be turning on UMPCs in an optimised state with an Origami Experience-style welcome.

I said just about the same damned thing but in non-journalistic, everyday (some would say gutter) language (which I will be using again in the next paragraph, so tune out now) in my follow-up fondle of the Samsung Q1U.

I got several emails from UMPC experts pointing out that I could “optimize” Vista. Fuck that. I want to do work, not dick around with the shortcomings of Microsoft’s OS. You think Jobs would ignore shit in the iPhone before its release and would cavalierly decree, “Oh, people can optimize it after they buy it” — and would then release something that when people fondled it would actively turn away potential purchasers?

And yet, for his perfectionism, Jobs is seen as a tyrant. Well, if Jobs is a tyrant, then Microsoft is a self-absorbed fat pig.

I’ll take a tyrant over a pig any day.


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