Jaysus! Less Than 24 Hours To iDay!!

For those of you outside of NYC, it rained like a sunovabitch last night. There were at least three drenchings in Manhattan (I got caught in one of them!).

Yet the iLoser still sticks in line at first place at the Fifth Avenue Apple Store!

Here on Satan Island, we just had [~7:30PM EDST] a slight downpour. Let’s hope it all moves to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store!

I don’t know how much blogging I will get done tomorrow. I hope to move around Manhattan and take some pictures of the iDay iLines. None of which, of course, can be published here until I fekkin pay for more image storage space (no, I won’t use Photobucket or, just kill me now, Flickr!).

Still, I like to record history when possible. (I have pics of the opening of the Satan Island Apple Store.)

That’s all for this day.


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