I’ve Fondled The iPhone!!

June 29, 2007

I’m typing this from the Apple Store Soho.

My God! There were at least 1,000 people when I got here just before 6PM. The Store processed that crowd in an hour! Well done, lads & lasses!

I stood on line for a great big five minutes to get inside to fondle one.

1) The accelerometer didn’t always work for me. Some pictures that were preloaded and in landscape orientation wouldn’t rotate when I turned the screen.

2) The same thing happened with web pages.

3) Doubletapping to enlarge didn’t always work on every web page. I guess this depends on the type of web page. The good news, though, is that just about everything is readable or at least you can make some sense of what it is (like on an ebay page I had open).

4) I couldn’t log on to my blog to post! I don’t know why. Perhaps not everything was loading quickly. As far as I could see, the iPhone was using WiFi, not EDGE. I hope it’s not a problem that’s permanent — that is, pages that use Javascript (which I think the WP logon page does use) can’t be accessed.

5) That screen is to die for! It is so bright, it’s practically religious! No, really! Someone had one outside the Apple Store and I was shocked at how easy it was to see. Compared to my LifeDrive screen — well, there’s just no comparison!

6) I’m shocked at how small and thin the unit is. It makes my LifeDrive look like a brick from the prehistoric age of gadgetry!

7) I also ran two YouTube vids. One with guys doing some sort of strange dance on treadmills. That was crisp and sharp. Another was real people mimicking the opening to The Simpsons. Some of that was horribly pixellated (moreso than with YouTube clips converted to AVIs and run on my LifeDrive, I have to say).

8) I made two calls on Steve Jobs’ dime. One to California to a guy I worked with at one time who’s a phone expert. Another to someone on Satan Island. Sound quality was no better or worse than on my Thiefphone Tracfone.

9) I opened the Notes app. It has a bold cartoony font and the pages are yellow and lined like a legal pad. You have to use the soft keyboard to type into it.

10) That soft keyboard — hey, it worked pretty much all right. I was very surprised at how responsive it was. I’d tried a soft keyboard on the Nokia 770 — a soft keyboard designed and supplied by Nokia itself — and it was a fekkin disaster. It was terrible in response. The iPhone’s keyboard is peppy. I could get not only used to that, but I think actually expert in using it. And by the way, I did encounter a landscape soft keyboard when using Safari in landscape mode.

I didn’t try the iPod part of it nor taking any pictures. Really, there were people who also wanted to fondle it and I didn’t want to be a total pig. I can do that tomorrow or even next week.

One big note… when I was looking at pre-loaded pictures, for a few seconds I just couldn’t figure out how to move from one to the next. Then I remembered — just move your damned finger across them to “page” from one to the next (and back). Man, I have to tell you that the naturalness of that is just breathtaking when you do it for real. You come away with, Why the hell didn’t anyone think of something so natural before now?!!? Really, that one little thing just embarrasses the hell out of companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, and Palm. Shame on them!

My bottom line, right now — er, what AT&T boycott? I want this thing!!

And when you try it, you will too!

Blog Notes: Closed Til I Get My Mitts On An iPhone!

June 29, 2007

I’ll be leaving the PC soon to walk the earth of Manhattan to terrorize and pillage photograph the iLines of iDay.

I’m thinking that since most people are going to run in, plop down cash and/or plastic, and scoot the hell back home to safety, I might have a Real Chance to get into an Apple Store tonight to fondle the lust-inducing little lass.

If it happens, it will be soooo obscene!

And the hell with nabbing a MacBook to blog from — I’m going to see if I can blog a line or two directly from the iPhone.

Stay tuned!

Dear Mayor Billionaire Bloomberg And City Council Millionaires: Kiss My Ass, You Corporate Tool Motherfuckers!

June 29, 2007

City May Seek Permit and Insurance for Many Kinds of Public Photography

Some tourists, amateur photographers, even would-be filmmakers hoping to make it big on YouTube could soon be forced to obtain a city permit and $1 million in liability insurance before taking pictures or filming on city property, including sidewalks.

New rules being considered by the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting would require any group of two or more people who want to use a camera in a single public location for more than a half hour to get a city permit and insurance.

The same requirements would apply to any group of five or more people who plan to use a tripod in a public location for more than 10 minutes, including the time it takes to set up the equipment.

What the fuck is this?

I’ll tell you what this is: The monopolizing of public space in service of an entrenched entertainment industry that knows it’s going to be shut down by a Writers Guild strike (strike, goddammit, strike!) and wants to pre-emptively kill all possible low-budget competition that you can bet your ass will emerge on YouTube and other Internet video sites!

Kiss my ass, you sell-out motherfuckers! Your asses will get reamed in the courts for this shit.

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Hey, You Suits: $18 CD = No Sale. Got That?

June 29, 2007

The Record Industry’s Decline
Record sales are tanking, and there’s no hope in sight: How it all went wrong

So who killed the record industry as we knew it? “The record companies have created this situation themselves,” says Simon Wright, CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group, which operates Virgin Megastores. While there are factors outside of the labels’ control — from the rise of the Internet to the popularity of video games and DVDs — many in the industry see the last seven years as a series of botched opportunities. And among the biggest, they say, was the labels’ failure to address online piracy at the beginning by making peace with the first file-sharing service, Napster. “They left billions and billions of dollars on the table by suing Napster — that was the moment that the labels killed themselves,” says Jeff Kwatinetz, CEO of management company the Firm. “The record business had an unbelievable opportunity there. They were all using the same service. It was as if everybody was listening to the same radio station. Then Napster shut down, and all those 30 or 40 million people went to other [file-sharing services].”

Yeah, $18 for a goddammed movie or TV soundtrack CD. Obscene, greedy, self-murdering bastards. Good riddance to the lot of you. Stake out your bit of sidewalk now for that cardboard box you’ll be existing in and begging from. May you starve to death in full view of the public you bled and the artists you screwed.

WTF? I Call For An iPhone Boycott And It’s Ignored, Yet…

June 29, 2007

Boing Boing picks up the ideaon iDay (oh, such a long time for people to think about it!) — from a pressure group!

Elitist swine bastard mofos.

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YouTube: Episode 1 of Gerry Anderson’s Joe 90

June 29, 2007

There are also other, non-Anderson, Brit TV goodies at the user’s index. Update: As of July 5, 2007, That account has been closed.

If you like what you see of Joe 90, get the DVD set. It’s less than $20 — legitimately! — on ebay.

Ooh. Neuros Brings YouTube To Your TV.

June 29, 2007

YouTube on a TV Set — YouTube video.

— linkswipe via Palm Addict via PDA Geek

Saturday Will Be My iPhone Day!

June 29, 2007

Well, that’s when I expect to get to the Apple Store Soho to fondle one. (I am, right now, adamantly boycotting it by not having the money to buy it. The sacrifices I make for my principles!)

And then I will commandeer a MacBook and blog my impressions.

Of course, if you’re smart, you’ll wait to buy until after I’ve rendered my judgment.

Besides, I might need to call on you for bail money. (“I swear, your Honor. I don’t know what happened to my hand. The muscles seized up and wouldn’t let go of the iPhone. I was running out the door to get to an ER for treatment!”)

iQuote Of The iDay

June 29, 2007

29 June 2007: The day the world changed

Yes, I’ve taken you away from your spouses, your children, your transgendered domestic partners. In some cases your devotion to me has cost you your marriages. You’ve sacrificed a great deal for this. But has it not been worth it? For the rest of your life, you’ll be able to say that you were working at Apple when the iPhone was introduced. You were here on the day when the course of human history was changed forever. Plus, you’ll get a free 4-gigabyte iPhone, a $500 value. Not bad, right?

Will Apple’s Jealous Competitors Stop At Nothing To Ruin iDay?

June 29, 2007

Massive car bomb near Apple Store

Very oddly, the original story about this I first saw never mentioned an Apple Store.

It just goes to show you: the press has already turned against the iPhone!