I’ve Fondled The iPhone!!

I’m typing this from the Apple Store Soho.

My God! There were at least 1,000 people when I got here just before 6PM. The Store processed that crowd in an hour! Well done, lads & lasses!

I stood on line for a great big five minutes to get inside to fondle one.

1) The accelerometer didn’t always work for me. Some pictures that were preloaded and in landscape orientation wouldn’t rotate when I turned the screen.

2) The same thing happened with web pages.

3) Doubletapping to enlarge didn’t always work on every web page. I guess this depends on the type of web page. The good news, though, is that just about everything is readable or at least you can make some sense of what it is (like on an ebay page I had open).

4) I couldn’t log on to my blog to post! I don’t know why. Perhaps not everything was loading quickly. As far as I could see, the iPhone was using WiFi, not EDGE. I hope it’s not a problem that’s permanent — that is, pages that use Javascript (which I think the WP logon page does use) can’t be accessed.

5) That screen is to die for! It is so bright, it’s practically religious! No, really! Someone had one outside the Apple Store and I was shocked at how easy it was to see. Compared to my LifeDrive screen — well, there’s just no comparison!

6) I’m shocked at how small and thin the unit is. It makes my LifeDrive look like a brick from the prehistoric age of gadgetry!

7) I also ran two YouTube vids. One with guys doing some sort of strange dance on treadmills. That was crisp and sharp. Another was real people mimicking the opening to The Simpsons. Some of that was horribly pixellated (moreso than with YouTube clips converted to AVIs and run on my LifeDrive, I have to say).

8) I made two calls on Steve Jobs’ dime. One to California to a guy I worked with at one time who’s a phone expert. Another to someone on Satan Island. Sound quality was no better or worse than on my Thiefphone Tracfone.

9) I opened the Notes app. It has a bold cartoony font and the pages are yellow and lined like a legal pad. You have to use the soft keyboard to type into it.

10) That soft keyboard — hey, it worked pretty much all right. I was very surprised at how responsive it was. I’d tried a soft keyboard on the Nokia 770 — a soft keyboard designed and supplied by Nokia itself — and it was a fekkin disaster. It was terrible in response. The iPhone’s keyboard is peppy. I could get not only used to that, but I think actually expert in using it. And by the way, I did encounter a landscape soft keyboard when using Safari in landscape mode.

I didn’t try the iPod part of it nor taking any pictures. Really, there were people who also wanted to fondle it and I didn’t want to be a total pig. I can do that tomorrow or even next week.

One big note… when I was looking at pre-loaded pictures, for a few seconds I just couldn’t figure out how to move from one to the next. Then I remembered — just move your damned finger across them to “page” from one to the next (and back). Man, I have to tell you that the naturalness of that is just breathtaking when you do it for real. You come away with, Why the hell didn’t anyone think of something so natural before now?!!? Really, that one little thing just embarrasses the hell out of companies such as Microsoft, Nokia, and Palm. Shame on them!

My bottom line, right now — er, what AT&T boycott? I want this thing!!

And when you try it, you will too!

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