iPhone Is Not Expen$ive

July 1, 2007

My first and only cellphone has been a Thiefphone* Tracfone pre-paid model I got for an upfront of $20. Generally, I’m paying $40/month (2 $20 60-minute cards) for a big fat 120 minutes(++). Text messages are billed at 1/3rd of a “minute” (1 minute = 1 unit) outgoing, with incoming texts being free.

The phone itself is a Nokia 1100 (which might or might not be reconditioned!). Dig that monochrome screen!

When I compare that to what the iPhone would give me per month for about $60, I’m just stunned: 450 voice minutes, 200 text messages, a whopping 5,000 night and weekend minutes, plus Rollover minutes — and what I can’t get on the Tracfone at all: the Internet everywhere, via EDGE.

Man, the iPhone is not expensive!

Expensive is finding yourself at the bottom rung of the ladder and having to do things on the fly!

*It has earned that name. I find that local calls are sometimes mysteriously billed at the 2-unit rate instead of the 1-unit rate. Thieves!

++Update: As of July 6, 2007, I have reason to believe that Tracfone will indeed live up to my Thiefphone rebranding. I’ve seen $20 cards in stores that now offer only 40 minutes! So these rotten bastards are about to cut ~33% of the minutes!

Magician Has Special iPhone

July 1, 2007

I saw this Youtube video being taped on iDay.

How he did it puzzled the hell out of me.

I kept at him and he finally told me the secret.

Clever guy!

Enjoy the video!