Recording Artists: Save Yourselves. Don’t Let Dick Morris And The Other Dicks Kill You While They Kill Themselves!

July 2, 2007

The Fall of the Record Business: What Next?

I didn’t find out about The Muffs from a record label!

Separate yourself from the clueless eejits who wear suits, gold chains, and snort coke. You don’t need those bastards anymore or ever again.

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Reference: SaveToPhone

July 2, 2007


SaveToPhone lets you easily save links from your computer’s web browser to your iPhone (or other smart phone)

Some iPhone Links

July 2, 2007

iPhone Tips: Look Ma, no toolbar!
Firebug for iPhone
iPhone JavaScript Experiments: Day One

There’s a bug in iPhone’s calculator

iPhone: Poor Compatibility with Web Apps
Aw, shit! So much for my dreams…

For instance, in the Web 2.0-based office suite iZoHo, you can’t actually enter or edit any text, as the iPhone doesn’t trigger its virtual keyboard when users click in a WYSIWYG Editor control. We ran into the same problem with Google Docs and Google Spreadsheet, though those sites aren’t designed for the iPhone. The new, flashier AJAX-based Yahoo! Mail interface also doesn’t work, though the old-school Yahoo! Mail page does.

And this might account for the PC version of Safari stealing blank lines (although it doesn’t do it in the Mac version!):

The Web 2.0-based IM client runs into another problem: the iPhone seems to send a different “return” key code than desktop browsers. The result: while loads, you can’t send any IMs.

Your cunning plan seems to have a flaw… — embedded YouTube video

A lady brings $16,000 to an AT&T store, buys a kid’s spot in line for $800 and then tries to buy the entire stock of iPhones in the store. Hilarity ensues.

— I think he might be the only actual person who was paid cash to be on line — and he got it by coincidence. I think the hype of people being paid to stand on line was just that: hype. I’m still in awe of how fast the Apple Store Soho processed those 1,000 people on line. Wow.

The missing iPhone applications

iPhone Application List

Fugly stickers to deface the iPhone. Paris Hilton would use this shit.

Will the iPhone Affect the Mobile Web? How?

iPhone Javascript and spec benchmark

Butterfingers: Apple iPhone Spills and Thrills

Why iPhone May Really Matter
— it’ll matter a hell of a lot more than Nokia’s Anti-Internet Tablets have or ever will!

After a Weekend with the iPhone: Web-Based Programs that Work Well

Watch out new iPhone users – anyone can listen to your voicemail

Library in Your Pocket — Flickr

iPhone – Part I

iPhone Javascript and spec benchmark

A few iPhone Safari notes

Bandwidth testing on an iPhone

So after my post about javascript and safari I received a bunch of Q and A about the Edge network. Right now at home I have FiOS (20MB down and 5 MB Up) fiber service which is amazing! Anyway, it took me a bit to find a NON FLASH bandwidth test, normally I used I found bandwidthplace to be able to run a test. With full coverage I got 120.1 kilobits per second with a 14.7 kilobits per second for storage. I was able to download 1MB file in 1.2 minutes. This speed is broadband and pretty solid. I also wanted to note that I jumped on my wifi and did see a 3MB connection, so if you have wifi, JUMP ON IT!

As for people complaining, I used to have a MDA from TMobile and it took for a while just to load IE and Google something. The iPhone passes a lot of the “problems” with mobile browsing but making it more efficent. I can have multiple webpages open at once, I have quick access to Google and keys like .com (although I suggest other keys like .html and www.). The Google Maps is built in so I do not even need to open safari, and I can also save locations which is great for quick browsing.

Video of iPhone Benchmark — embedded YouTube video
— well, it’s slow. It looks like in some cases it’s like the Nokia 770 with WiFi! However, this is EDGE, so I could get the Net everywhere.

Ready, Set, Launch!
Introducing LaunchPad for the iPhone.

iPhone Tips: Tap and Hold

He Broke His iPhone The First Day!

July 2, 2007

This horror is documented in a Flickr set.

My advice: Don’t look. It’s just cruel…

Reference: iPhone Medical Web Apps

July 2, 2007

Unbound Medicine on iPhone

And Suddenly Universal Music Group’s Artists Get Zero Royalties

July 2, 2007

From zero sales.

Great move, you dumbass Suits. Why not just hold your artists down and pour strychnine down their throats?

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