Another Thing That Will Ensure I Die Poor…

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World

Comic fans are set for a real treat this year. Originally released in 1971, Jack Kirby’s most ambitious project is finally getting the deluxe treatment it has always deserved (36 years late).

Collected in oversized hardcover editions (thankfully printed in newsprint as opposed to the shiny stock commonly used), the series of collections will represent the entire Fourth World saga, including the elusive finale, ‘The Hunger Dogs’ graphic novel.

Christ, at this rate I’ll wind up as a goddammed indentured servant of a rich Republican…

…and for the price they’re asking, I’m not keen on shitty newsprint (real or ersatz). They reprinted New Gods in one volume once before on the shittiest paper they could find.

What an absolutely epic, breathtaking TV/video/movie series Kirby’s Fourth World would make… I don’t know if it’d be better live action or CGI… (the CGI would have to be from Pixar!).

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