Oh Dear Christ, Let This Be So. We Could Send Those Oil Bastards Reeling!

Irish technology claims energy breakthrough

04.07.2007 – Today the public have been invited to come and observe Orbo technology, developed by Irish company Steorn, which produces a free, constant supply of energy that will change history if it does what it claims.
Orbo technology, which Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn said was discovered accidentally, theoretically produces energy from nowhere using magnetics.

“The law of conservation of energy has been very reliable for 300 years, however it’s missing one variable from the equation, and that’s time,” said McCarthy.

McCarthy explained to Silicon Republic that Orbo technology works on the basis that occurrences in magnetic fields do not happen instantaneously, and are therefore not subject to time in the way that, say, gravity is.

This time variance allows the Orbo platform to generate and consistently produce power, going against the law of conservation of energy which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Dublin company to unveil ‘free energy’ device

An Irish company will today reveal controversial technology that allegedly defies basic laws of physics to produce free power.

Steorn, which is based in Dublin, claims to have discovered a method of creating clean, constant energy, which it claims could end the global fuel crisis.

Called Orbo technology, it is based on the interaction of magnetic fields and has yet to be conclusively proven.

Today, free energy.

Tomorrow, get the fuck out of Iraq!

Update: Goddammit, there’s always a hitch! Heat from camera lighting?! Suddenly, this all seems like The Man in the White Suit. Goddammit.

Update 2: As of July 6, the above link in the first update — which should lead to a live feed of a live demo — has apparently been taken down. I don’t know what’s up. It all seems crooked to me. I’m not going to follow this. If it’s real, it’ll be all over the damned news. And if it’s a fraud, it’ll be all over the damned news.

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