Girls Don’t Cry: Needling At The Knitting Factory

July 6, 2007

I’m not going to write much this time. The pictures I have will tell the story (when that time comes!).

Liz broke a drumstick. That’s the second, if not the third, time she’s whomped those drums and managed to do that. I saw the bit fly into the air.

Hannah has completed her transformation to Hannah 2.0. All will make sense when I have image storage again and can publish the pictures.

Sora made sure I noticed she wasn’t wearing a T-shirt this time. (Oops. I hadn’t noticed!)

Rachael belted out American Boy again.

Caitlin revealed she used to play an upright bass in jazz bands.

I sat about 4-5 feet from a massive amp setup in order to get pics. My right ear still hasn’t recovered.

Next up for Girls Don’t Cry is the Women’s Rights 2 Rock Women’s Music Festival taking place at People’s Park in Seneca, New York on July 13, 14, and 15, 2007. Three days, thirty bands, and free admission!

Good luck, ladies! Conquer the Festival!

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Palm Flogs Blog, Flails, Fails

July 6, 2007

On the official Palm blog

So it’s been a couple of months since the launched, the official mouthpiece of Palm. I don’t think I’m being unfair in calling it an abject failure. One wonders what Palm was thinking when they launched it, it is like they had no idea what they wanted to do with it but felt they should have a blog because the kidz liked them blogs.


It is hard to imagine but the post regarding the launch of the Foleo was a paragraph, 2 links and a small picture of the device, let’s compare that to the post on the national bike to work week post they did which was 4 paragraphs, a ton of links and 2 pictures with captions. Are they completely insane? The Palm blog should have been devoted to generating hype for the Foleo, explaining why it was revolutionary. They should be interviewing Hawkins and the developers (this guy who’s developing the Foleo, does way more for the Foleo on his personal blog than the official palm blog does).


What the blog is telling me is that no one in the company believes in it anymore. That the product pipeline is filled with things that no one finds the least bit compelling and can’t find anything good to say about. That the company doesn’t even believe in the launch of the Foleo. It’s just a crying shame to see the once great company laid so low.

Well look at that! Palm finally gets on the same wavelength of its customers! We can’t find anything compelling or anything good to say about their products either!

–linkswipe via Palm Infocenter

MicroTards Get Desperate Against iPhone Revolution

July 6, 2007

Post details: The iPhone Does Microsoft a Favor

Yeah, by giving Gates and Co. instructions on how to do a proper mobile device.

But, no, that’s not what they meant:

While Apple is entering the market with a small number of physical units, the impact the device has had on the market will no doubt increase the exposure and perceived need for smartphone handhelds across the board. By raising awareness of the capabilities of mobile technology, Apple is making a plug not only for its own product line, but also the likes of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 which offers more features and feasibility in the enterprise sector. In fact, Apple has so adamantly stressed the consumer nature of the device that AT&T, the sole carrier of the iPhone, will not be offering the iPhone for corporate business account purchases. Rather, the iPhone will be only available to consumers on an individual basis.

Hey, MicroTards, how are those Zune sales going? What, no one lined up for the pink one?

(Tip of the hat to FSJ for exposing me to the term MicroTard!)

Reference: Hutchison Effect

July 6, 2007

What? Antigravity?

Wikipedia entry.

iPhone Runs In Root?!

July 6, 2007

Telephony Armageddon?

1. Apple run ordinary user applications as SUID root – as effective UID 0. This is a total no-no and has been known and understood to be such for a long time. Cocoa programming guru Don Yacktman once delineated the various associated dangers: the input managers, the Services menu, and the relative ease with which the malfeasants can get in. SUID root Cocoa apps are so dangerous it’s not recommended to even use the keyboard in them: an input manager can usurp control and do anything and input managers always run in the context of the client process – which in such case is root. Meaning anything is possible – any amount propagation and destruction. Meaning anything can be hidden anywhere – and left lurking to come back at a prescribed date.

And meaning you lose control of your own computer / smartphone and it’s no longer yours. So it can start spreading malware, hang out in botnets, send out mail bombs with exploits – and even ready itself to self-destruct on the birthday of Steve Jobs.


This is serious business.

But I don’t think it’s going to last.

I’m not an OS expert, but my guess is Apple has initially done it this way For A Reason. I just don’t know what that reason is. Hacker-bait? Diagnostics for malfunctioning iPhones that are returned to stores (and then to Apple HQ)?

Whatever the reason, I don’t expect this situation to last very long. I expect a firmware update/upgrade from Apple sometime soon (4-6 weeks is my estimation). And I think all those who have currently been eagerly hacking the iPhone will be shocked to find that Root access has been all locked up and all of their discoveries to date have been just about for nothing.


There is neither a su nor a sudo meaning the system is built with presumably no need for privilege escalation. Meaning the iPhone user is presumably already running as root.

iPhone OS X System Architecture: A First Look

iPhone Vs. Palm Treo: You Can’t Fight A Corpse

July 6, 2007

iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 3

PalmOS is so pathetically out of this league, to compare it with iPhone/OSX is like holding a vintage 1989 Sony Walkman cassette player up against an iPod. It’s a joke. Every Treo user should do themselves a favor by donating their smartphone to a third world country, where it belongs. OTPC = One Treo Per Child. Just glue a hand crank to the side of the Treo 680 and maybe there’s hope for Palm overall.

The End Of iWeek

July 6, 2007

Do I still like my iPhone?

Today marks one week of dedicated iPhone usage for me and the number one question I’ve been getting all week is, “do you still like your iPhone?” I understand where that question is coming from. Most people genuinely want to know. However for the rest they seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop. The industry and media hyped up the iPhone like no other gadget in modern history. So much so that there was no way for the iPhone to live up to all that hype. Some were even calling it the “Jesus phone.” That one cracks me up the most. Now that the iPhone has been out in the wild for a week, the same media seems to be waiting with bated breath for the tower that they built to come tumbling down. From what I can see, it hasn’t.

Update: Two more worthwhile pieces from the same guy…

My iPhone first impressions…

iPhone Review

This guy is The Shit! He goes into the level of detail I crave. Damned well done!

OK, Second Laugh Of The Day: David Bamford

July 6, 2007

Whos got all all the fucking fivers? [blog dead]

Go look at the pictures!

(First?) Laugh Of The Day: Warren Ellis

July 6, 2007

Oh what a great headline!


It also gives me an opportunity to point to his Countdown Clock for the release of his first novel.

Oh Come On. I Have To Take This Cheap Shot At Nokia!

July 6, 2007

Nokia has announced an OS update to their (Anti-)Internet Tablet, the N800. In the announcement is this “Huh?” of a sentence:

Touch screen sensitiveness has been improved through software enhancements. Now the screen areas with most intensive use register events more efficiently.

Sensitiveness?! Try sensitivity.

I guess I should be glad they didn’t end the sentence, “with more efficientness.”

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