Girls Don’t Cry: Needling At The Knitting Factory

I’m not going to write much this time. The pictures I have will tell the story (when that time comes!).

Liz broke a drumstick. That’s the second, if not the third, time she’s whomped those drums and managed to do that. I saw the bit fly into the air.

Hannah has completed her transformation to Hannah 2.0. All will make sense when I have image storage again and can publish the pictures.

Sora made sure I noticed she wasn’t wearing a T-shirt this time. (Oops. I hadn’t noticed!)

Rachael belted out American Boy again.

Caitlin revealed she used to play an upright bass in jazz bands.

I sat about 4-5 feet from a massive amp setup in order to get pics. My right ear still hasn’t recovered.

Next up for Girls Don’t Cry is the Women’s Rights 2 Rock Women’s Music Festival taking place at People’s Park in Seneca, New York on July 13, 14, and 15, 2007. Three days, thirty bands, and free admission!

Good luck, ladies! Conquer the Festival!

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