MicroTards Get Desperate Against iPhone Revolution

Post details: The iPhone Does Microsoft a Favor

Yeah, by giving Gates and Co. instructions on how to do a proper mobile device.

But, no, that’s not what they meant:

While Apple is entering the market with a small number of physical units, the impact the device has had on the market will no doubt increase the exposure and perceived need for smartphone handhelds across the board. By raising awareness of the capabilities of mobile technology, Apple is making a plug not only for its own product line, but also the likes of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 which offers more features and feasibility in the enterprise sector. In fact, Apple has so adamantly stressed the consumer nature of the device that AT&T, the sole carrier of the iPhone, will not be offering the iPhone for corporate business account purchases. Rather, the iPhone will be only available to consumers on an individual basis.

Hey, MicroTards, how are those Zune sales going? What, no one lined up for the pink one?

(Tip of the hat to FSJ for exposing me to the term MicroTard!)

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