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On the official Palm blog

So it’s been a couple of months since the launched, the official mouthpiece of Palm. I don’t think I’m being unfair in calling it an abject failure. One wonders what Palm was thinking when they launched it, it is like they had no idea what they wanted to do with it but felt they should have a blog because the kidz liked them blogs.


It is hard to imagine but the post regarding the launch of the Foleo was a paragraph, 2 links and a small picture of the device, let’s compare that to the post on the national bike to work week post they did which was 4 paragraphs, a ton of links and 2 pictures with captions. Are they completely insane? The Palm blog should have been devoted to generating hype for the Foleo, explaining why it was revolutionary. They should be interviewing Hawkins and the developers (this guy who’s developing the Foleo, does way more for the Foleo on his personal blog than the official palm blog does).


What the blog is telling me is that no one in the company believes in it anymore. That the product pipeline is filled with things that no one finds the least bit compelling and can’t find anything good to say about. That the company doesn’t even believe in the launch of the Foleo. It’s just a crying shame to see the once great company laid so low.

Well look at that! Palm finally gets on the same wavelength of its customers! We can’t find anything compelling or anything good to say about their products either!

–linkswipe via Palm Infocenter

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