Splaying The Code Guts Of The iPhone: TV-Out & Filesystem

This Hackint0sh thread provides interesting reading, some highlights are:

Also, from the device tree, this was interesting:
name: tv-out

It will be interesting to see if this ability will be exploited by Apple. Will they release the necessary cable?

These guys aren’t kidding:

Just ran through a dictionary of about 3.2 million possibilities with vfcrack, also no love.

And look at this:

The people at the iPhone Dev wiki have successfully mounted the ramdisk and lo and behold, it is an actual Mac OS X file system. Take that people-who-don’t-believe-the-iPhone-runs-Mac-OS-X! :)

It’s thrilling to see these people with Monster Hacker Brains go at the software. Witnessing clear, clean expertise is always inspiring.

The thread also pointed out some interesting software I have to put on my Must Buy list: IsoBuster.

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