Hey, VISA Card USA! I Accuse You Of Running A Bait-And-Switch Scam!

So now I’m doing granular hunting for a retailer that carries the actual card that I want.

And what I’m coming up with over and over again — on VISA’s own site! — is All-Access cards!

All-Access is even worse than Green Dot! All-Access dings you $5.95 a month for maintenance versus $4.95 for Green Dot!

I don’t think VISA is offering their actual card anywhere in Manhattan. They are perpetrating a fraud on their site by claiming they have retailers that do so.

Hey, VISA Card USA! What is the connection between you and All-Access? How come Green Dot isn’t listed at all? Have you spun off the card I want into a shadow company so you can discontinue the free first six months? How come Green Dot is kicking your ass in chain retailers? Are you connected to Green Dot at all?

VISA Card USA, I hate you!

You bastards should pay my first six months of maintenance fees if I have to go get a Green Dot card. No fucking way in hell will I get an All-Access card. I won’t support your fraud.

As usual, it’s my life that winds up colliding with shit like this.

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