Another Record Traffic Day

Oy. This is the third-busiest day in this blog’s history, setting a new third record for traffic.

What is wrong with you people?!

I also see that this blog has now shown up on Techmeme again.

For Christ’s sake, this is not a tech blog!

It’s not!

Tech blogs use emotionless language carefully crafted not to upset their access to sources and free loot.

Fuck that!

I’m not a techie suckup. Homey Don’t Play That.

Homey Don’t Play Dat
(For those wondering, the Homey image has already been in online storage here.)

I kicked every tech site/blog out of my blogroll because of such suckup-ery. (Some good sites were included in that eviction, but it’s not my goddammed job in life to play tech referee!)

So if you intend to visit this site to get a daily dose of Good Tech Shit, you’ve deluded yourself. I’d rather post entries about writers or Heather or Eng or the band Girls Don’t Cry or other things. Virtually anything but tech. When I do tech, it’s solely because my interest has happened to intersect with a news item or a piece of hardware I can fondle. Other than that, pffft! No tech for you!*

*I see in my excitement over the iPhone I violated my own edict about not linking to tech reviews by indeed linking to an iPhone review. Eh. Tough shit.


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