Bah! So Much For The Electronic Age! Image Storage Delayed For At Least Eleven Days (Maybe More)!

Instead of getting a Green Dot debit card, I went the legit bank route. Set up a bank account to get a real debit card. That plastic card will arrive in about a week. OK, fine.

Then I go to set up my PayPal account.

I hit the first speedbump.

It will not accept just an account number to transfer funds. It wants the full routing number that appears on a paper check.

Thing is, my bank account is a checkless one. It’s all debit card-based. I don’t have anything beyond an account number.

But beyond that is a second and even worse speedbump: PayPal states an EFT will take — can you frikkin believe it? — 3-4 days to happen!


What do they do, send out squirrels to get the cash from my bank account?

WTF is this days delay business? I could understand 24 hours — and even that would be pushing it. But 3-4 days?

When I made the deposit at the bank, it was reflected immediately at their ATM. That’s called good customer service. (OK, fine, whether I could have actually withdrawn anything is another story, but at least the ATM display was reassuring as well as pretty!)

Yet PayPal is gonna say, Yo, dig it, even with mad modern shit like EFT and ACH and all the rest, we’re gonna make you squat like a POW for a few days before we deign to let you do anything online.

I know PayPal is owned by ebay. But the way it operates, it’s acting like Sony!

So I’m stuck until the real live plastic debit card arrives next week.

And even after that PayPal might again want that 3-4 days delay to dispatch their damned squirrels to get the funds.

And then once they have the funds, how frikkin long will it take them to send it to WordPress so I can finally have fekkin image storage space again?!!?

Yeah, yeah, This Too Shall Pass. Like a bad bowel movement!


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