The Yellow Submarine iPod Won’t Die!

Back on January 23, 2007, I posted Apple’s Yellow Submarine Video iPod?

Not only did I break that news, I also coined the term “Yellow Submarine iPod,” which was then picked up by everyone else (few of whom bothered to discover its point of origination).

I kept at this on January 24th with Steve Jobs: The Sixth Beatle?

And then again on February 5th with Apple Vs. Apple Settlement Coincidental?

And finally on the introduction date that made the most sense, February 20, I posted Apple: Should John Be Smiling?

So what rears its head again after all that waiting waiting waiting that came to nothing? This:

Get set for Apple’s Yellow Submarine Beatles iPod

What I’d like to figure out is what the heck Beatles anniversary date is coming up that I don’t know about that would make its introduction perfect timing! Bueller? Bueller?

Update: Consulting The Beatles Timeline there are these immediate possibilities (in chronological order by year, not day, date):

August 18 (1962)
Ringo Starr joins Beatles as their new drummer

October 5 (1962)
LOVE ME DO / P.S. I LOVE YOU (single) is released (Parlophone Records).

August 11 (1964)
MOTION PICTURE: “A Hard Day’s Night” is released (running time: 85 minutes)

August 15 (1965)
56,000 fans show up at Shea Stadium, New York.
This was the Beatles’ largest crowd on any tour, and
also the largest rock concert attendance to that point in time.

August 23 (1965)
MOTION PICTURE: “Help!” is released (running time: 92 minutes)

I don’t think so:

July 29 (1966)
Lennon’s “We’re more popular than Jesus” comment appears in “Datebook”


August 29 (1966)
Beatles final U.S.A. performance held in San Francisco’s “Candlestick Park”

August 26 (1968)
HEY JUDE / REVOLUTION (single) is released (Apple Records) sells 6 million copies world-wide

August 20 (1969)
The last time all four Beatles would record together in studio.

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