They Protect Themselves. Not Us.

NY Cartoonist Blasts NYPD On Once-Secret Surveillance
Draws Link Between Republican Convention and Burglary of His Home

Yeah, well, putting aside the atrociously twee subhead lead word, what cartoonist Ted Rall experienced is just incredible and disgusting. What the fuck is this now, Russia under Stalin? Is the NYPD now the NKVD?

I believe all this. It has 110% of the ring of truth:

“They’re not intelligent,” Rall wrote. “First they misidentified my syndicated column as a website (presumably blog). Then they misquoted the content. Finally they identified me as something I’m not: an activist. I’m a cartoonist and a columnist and occasional author and freelance journalist. If these are the guys charged with keeping New York safe from another 9/11, we should be worried.”

I’m worried! I’ve been worried!

I know of people who have literally fled New York City since September 11th. They’ve done it quietly, without making any huge broadcasts about it, but their actions shout the truth no one will dare even whisper.

When there’s another attack, if I’m killed in it, I won’t be a victim of terrorism. I will be a victim of homegrown, nurtured, and too-fucking-prevalent American stupidity and smug piggishness.

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