I Put It Succinctly (And Even Cleanly)

My Comment on The iPhones have it

None of you who cite the alleged deficiencies of the iPhone understand the underlying point it makes: the complexity (you’d call it “choice”) of your current hardware exceeds the threshold of interest for most of the world’s population.

Ooh, it can’t do SMS. Grandpa won’t be able to type on that screen.

Hello! It’s a PHONE! Grandpa and non-typists will CALL!

Really, some of you must also think that the Catch-22ness of this world is the way It’s Supposed To Be. Baloney.

I am feeling an increased alienation with tech sites ever since the introduction of the iPhone. It’s as if the iPhone is a litmus test for clear thinking. Some people understand what Apple has managed to pull off… while others are best moving to Redmond, Washington and talking only amongst themselves so as not to confuse the general population with their warped admirations.

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