The Incomparable Miss Shirley Bassey

There it is, the mid-1960s, and AM radio was filled with stuff from The Beatles, The Beatles, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and others.

And then, out of nowhere, this humongous booming voice would strain the speakers:


Oh my god! What was that?! Who is that!?

Miss Shirley Bassey. If God could sing in a woman’s voice, it would be her voice!

Here she is in a dailymotion video in the late 1960s singing What I Did For Love.

Here she is in a YouTube video in the late 1960s doing Goldfinger live on German TV.

Here she is in a YouTube video in the 1990s doing History Repeating with The Propellerheads.

Here she is in a YouTube video this year covering a Pink song, Get the Party Started.

Damn John Rogers for putting up that last video on his blog and causing me to leave the PC an hour later than I wanted today!


Her MySpace page (add me! add me! add meeeee!)
Her website

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