Warren Ellis Quotes Dennis Potter!

The thought of those two ever being together! Man, now that is a meeting and conversation I would have liked to have seen happen.

Anyway, Ellis has a new weekly column and there’s this:

This, of course, is the price of being a civilized man in Britain today: squatting in the open air, threatened by climatological nightmare and seagull shit while I savour the restorative properties of what Dennis Potter called “little tubes of delight.”

What made me actually go read the column (I’d been amiss in doing so) was the bit Ellis put on his own blog to promo it:

An ex-girlfriend once gave me a book called something like “Four American Writers Who Drank Until Their Livers Caught Fire And Slid Out Of Their Bumholes Like Meaty Napalm.” “Brilliant!” I said. “That wasn’t quite the reaction I was hoping for,” she said.

Ellis’s novel is due out Real Soon Now. Amass your pfennigs in preparation to storm your local book-pusher.

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