iPhone User Floors My Lust Pedal

Can the iPhone do double duty as a laptop?

My dream gadget: A handheld device powerful enough to let me leave my notebook computer home and still get things done on a weekend trip without too much difficulty. By “things” I mean getting real work done — writing, e-mail, Web browsing, making and receiving phone call. Also important: This device must keep me entertained with media, including music, and video. And oh yeah: It absolutely must have a full keyboard.


When I say I’d really like longer life battery, I’m not saying other devices do any better. I’m saying that because the iPhone has proven that it can meet my requirements as a notebook replacement for day or weekend trips. So it’s only natural that I’d rather not have to think about whether the battery can make it through the day. So add longer battery life to the other items on my wish list that I won’t go into here — because better battery life and all the other wish list items wouldn’t make a bit of difference if I can’t use the keyboard.

Can I type as quickly on it as I can on my MacBook or any real keyboard? No. As fast as on my Treo 680? Yes. Faster, actually. And comfortably enough that I can imagine getting real editing work done once there’s a Word-compatible editor for the iPhone.

And not just editing, but real writing too, as demonstrated by this story — the first draft of which was written entirely on the iPhone.


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