eBooks on iPhone: Another Person Who Won’t Wait For Apple

My first eBook on the iPhone: not good, but there’s hope

One of the downers of the iPhone to me is that I can’t install one of my favorite eBook readers like I can on my Windows Mobile devices. I tend to use eReader, but also hop over to Mobipocket or Microsoft’s Reader, depending on the format of my content. I was thinking about this last night and then had an “A-ha!” moment realizing there was at least one possible solution here: Amazon Upgrade right in the Safari browser.

Hey, Steve Jobs! eBooks need to happen on the iPhone! eBooks need to happen to enhance Apple’s revenues and marketplace power! eBooks need to happen so they’re priced at what they should be!

Please get a crash project going on an iReader program. Give us this and an eBook section in the iTunes Store in time for year-end holiday gift buying!

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