eBooks On iPhone: Not Waiting For Apple!

A reader sent me two links that are very exciting for people who are interested in ebooks on the iPhone:

Ebooks on iPhones: Seeing Is Believing

pretty as a picture: WOWIO ebooks on the iPhone

This second link is very exciting. It shows a graphic novel on the iPhone screen.

Paging Warren Ellis and John Rogers!

If I was Sony, I’d be worried about the future of the Sony Reader. Especially after Sir Howard Stringer opening his yap and dissing Steve Jobs personally! Nice way to motivate a fierce competitor, Stringer! Say buh-bye to your sinecure.

2 Responses to eBooks On iPhone: Not Waiting For Apple!

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  2. […] pretty stunning screenshots of pre-optimisation ebooks viewed on the iPhone [via the indomitable Mike Cane]; they not only do traditional books but graphic novels and guide-books too, so appearance is extra […]

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